Rolling Auditions

Throughout the year, we will continue to accept digital auditions for consideration to perform in future seasons and for substitutes as necessary. Seeking video-recorded submissions for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass choral singers who can also belt. These are paid positions of $75 per call for rehearsals and performances. 

Please submit a video recording, via an unlisted YouTube link, of two diverse vocal selections that demonstrate your range, artistry, and vocal abilities. One selection should demonstrate a traditional classical/choral voice quality and one should demonstrate CCM stylings with a belt feature preferred. Fill out the audition form and submit links via the button below. 

Requirements for the ensembles include professionalism; preparedness, excellent sight-reading skills, and intonation; ability to perform/learn classical, CCM, and belt qualities; willingness to explore the Estill Voice Model; and desire to build a choral community.

Choral Internship Program

Each season will have the opportunity for collegiate students to audition for openings as interns for a season. These opportunities are paid positions and allow students to gain valuable experience as members of a professional vocal ensemble. Choral interns will have the same experience as those on the professional roster for a maximum of one season. Upon graduation, they will have the opportunity to audition for openings on the core membership or substitute rosters.