Our Artists


Kelley Calpin

Naperville, IL

Rachel Carreras

Naperville, IL

Desirée Hassler

Chicago, IL

McKenna Spangler

Good Hope, IL


Samantha Elliott

Evergreen Park, IL

Racquel Rawlins

Mt. Sterling, IL

Emily Wheeler

Springfield, IL


Jeremiah Cawley

Milwaukee, WI

Jason Hawkins

Macomb, IL

Isaac Weese

Macomb, IL


Matthew Begale

Chicago, IL

Tyler Demaree

Galesburg, IL

Joshua Massey

Joliet, IL

Nicholas Miguel

Macomb, IL


Po-Chuan Chiang

Collaborative Pianist

Macomb, IL

Kevin Nichols


Macomb, IL

Rolling Auditions

We will continue to have rolling digital auditions throughout the year for consideration in future seasons and substitutes as necessary. Seeking video-recorded submissions for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass choral singers who can also belt. These are paid positions of $75 per call for rehearsals and performances. 

Please submit a video recording, via an unlisted YouTube link, of two diverse vocal selections that demonstrate your range, artistry, and vocal abilities. One selection should demonstrate a traditional classical/choral voice quality and one should demonstrate CCM stylings with a belt feature preferred. Fill out the audition form and submit links via the button below. 

Requirements for the ensembles include professionalism; preparedness, excellent sight-reading skills, and intonation; ability to perform/learn classical, CCM, and belt qualities; willingness to explore the Estill Voice Model; and desire to build a choral community.